Belt Size

How to pick the correct belt size using the Every Size Pack System

Choosing the correct belt size for your pack is pretty straightforward, but very important. For a hip pack, it holds your pack on your body, for a shoulder riding pack, it helps balance the weight and moves part of the weight load down from your shoulders to your hips.

Our belts are listed with their pad sizes, this is the important measurement you need. You want your pack belt pad to be centered and protect your hips and pelvis. The front hip bone is called the iliac crest, and its that bone that you want to cover with the belt pad, so measure from crest to crest around your back to get the pad size. If you are right on the line between pad sizes, its best to go the next size up.

Showing hip bone points
1. Find where your iliac crest is located.
Showing measuring points for pad placement
2. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance from crest to crest.
Belt placement. Notice where the pad ends.
3. This is how you want your hip belt to fit.

We have 10 established belt sizes, all of the belts are made of 1000D nylon, padded, and have 2” webbing straps and buckles. Each end has a small zippered pocket made of 420D nylon (except for sizes 1, 2, and 3 as the pockets would be inaccessible under the gear). There is extra strap length on both sides of the pad so there is plenty of room for adjustment without running out of strap.


 Size Pad Size Total Length
1 20" (50.8cm) 58" (147.3cm)
2 23” (58.5cm) 61” (155cm)
3 26” (66cm) 64” (162.5cm)
4 30” (76.2cm)  65” (165cm)
5 34” (86.4cm) 70” (177.8cm)
6 39” (99.1cm)  77” (195.6cm)
7 45” (114.3cm) 83” (210.8cm)
8 51” (129.5cm) 89” (226.1cm)
9 58” (147.3cm) 96” (243.8cm)
10 65” (165.1cm) 103” (261.6cm)